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Herbology: Chinese Medicine

Ancient Chinese herbal formulas are as effective now as they were when first introduced more than 2,500 years ago. Most formulas consist of two to eighteen different types of herbs. Formulas treat a wide variety of symptoms while stimulating the body's natural healing process. Hospital studies prescribing individualized complex herbal formulas have demonstrated excellent results with patients who fail to respond to conventional pharmaceutical treatments. Even modern plant-derived pharmaceutical medicines are used in ways that correlate directly with their traditional uses as plant medicines by native cultures.

The physician prepared formulas are self-administered by the patient. Presently the NIH has found many chinese herbs to be beneficial for many health issues and continues to do research studies. The laws have changed since 1997 and Doctor Perkins has made sure that the products she prescribes meet the GMP guidelines. Primarily, she uses Plumflower and Ming Shun brands for Chinese herbs.

Relevant Link: http://www.nih.gov/