Eliminate Your Cellulite with Mesotherapy

You can trim that stubborn cellulite naturally with our Mesotherapy body sculpting treatments. Bad fat – you know it’s in your food, but you eat it anyway. Harmful fats constitute a substantial proportion of today’s foods, but you don’t have to let them overtake your body image. Natural Med Therapies can help you have the body you want – naturally.

You can lose inches when you exercise. But cellulite is stubborn, and no matter how slim you get, you might still have pockets of body fat that you cannot make disappear. Some fatty deposits are trapped and don’t want to respond to your workouts and dieting. We can help you get rid of your persistent fat deposits.

A non-invasive, natural alternative to liposuction, Lipodissolve, and Botox

Mesotherapy can be an alternative procedure to liposuction, which is heavily invasive, and Lipodissolve,which is not a natural treatment. Results vary from person to person, but with a Mesotherapy before and after photo, you will see improvement. You can maintain your new appearance with exercise, a healthy diet, and returning to Natural MED Therapies in Largo, Florida, for a booster.

Dr. Perkins also conducts pain management therapies by using Mesotherapy and acupuncture on points of the body. Mesotherapy is also used for skin rejuvenation and facial rejuvenation to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Skin revitalization through Mesotherapy is a natural alternative to Botox, chemical peels, and dermal fillers.

Your Mesotherapy doctor in Tampa Bay

If you have cellulite, fatty cysts, or fatty deposits under your chin, on your buttocks, thighs, or belly, consider Mesotherapy at Natural MED Therapies – serving Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota, Largo, Dunedin, Pinellas Park, Belleair, Seminole, Indian Rocks Beach, FL, and beyond.

Mesotherapy, or lipo mesotherapy, is an injection treatment of natural products that dissolves body fat. Dr. Perkins quickly gets rid of problem areas that might keep you from feeling great, dieting, and exercising properly. Remember that Mesotherapy is for chiseling away fat and is not primarily a procedure for reducing weight.

How does a Mesotherapy treatment work?

Mesotherapy is a natural procedure involving multiple injections of enzymes, amino acids, and Homeopathics into fat layers in the mesoderm to eliminate fat. The bloodstream absorbs the dissolved fat and the kidneys help flush it out of your system.

What is Mesotherapy?

There are several forms of Mesotherapy. Dr. Perkins has received the same training as a plastic surgeon undergoes for lipo dissolve and is trained in four Mesotherapy techniques: German, French, American, and Australian.

Read about one woman’s experience with natural facial rejuvenation injections.

“I am a 43-year-old woman and came to Dr. Perkins for a series of all natural facial rejuvenation injections.After the first series of injections, I looked and felt 10 years younger. It was painless, quick, and, most importantly, safe because she used all-natural ingredients. I will not go back to Botox injections because of the risks and dangers associated with them. With Dr. Perkins injections, I attained the same results without the risks! I did a series of 10 injections once a week and will go back every six months for a maintenance treatment. All my friends noticed a big difference in my youthful appearance. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to look refreshed and a few years younger!”Guest, New Port Richey

Conspicuous cellulite, be gone with Mesotherapy

Most Mesotherapy patients at Natural MED Therapies want to eliminate their cellulite. Cellulite affects most women, whether they are thin and healthy or overweight. Mesotherapy dissolves these fatty deposits, which are usually located on the thighs and rear. Although the “cottage cheese look” gets dissolved, Mesotherapy doesn’t get rid of the dimple marks. The large dimples are not cellulite, but connecting tissue that needs to be surgically severed. With a series of 10, non-surgical treatments over a two-week period, you can enjoy similar results to liposuction and be down a few pant sizes.

What to expect from your Mesotherapy treatment

If you are worried about the pain factor, don’t – some people do not feel pain during the procedure. Others might feel a quick stinging sensation or discomfort from the deepness of the needle, Dr. Perkins uses ice to alleviate any pain. The only side-effects are mild swelling and bruising.

After a Mesotherapy treatment for cellulite, you can see results that will last six months to one year. To keep your new and improved look up to date, you need to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and lower your fat intake.

How did I get cellulite?

Contrary to popular belief, cellulite cannot be solely blamed on too much fat intake. But diet does play a large role in cellulite formation. With an increase in pesticide and chemically pumped foods, which lack the proper nutrition, your ingestion of whole, natural foods has probably decreased.

Diet and exercise feed off one another. Sedentary jobs can make you feel sluggish and unwilling to exercise at all during the day. Other technological advances keep you indoors and sitting down for hours – working on a computer, watching television or movies. Increasing daily activities can reduce cellulite formation.

Other factors are hormone fluctuations, sitting for a long time, and even tight underwear, which restricts blood flow. Ready for your Mesotherapy treatment? Call to make your appointment today.

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