Donna B.

I first visited Dr. Perkins on a Monday, suffering with a recurring sinus infection. Antibiotics took 10-14 days to clear up the infection and it would come right back. Dr. Perkin’ s treatment had the infection gone in 2-3 days… Read More


I have recommended Dr. Perkins to several people. I was a smoker for almost fifty years and needed to quite. My husband said just go see what happens, so I did . I told Dr. Perkins that I didn’t really… Read More

Kim B

I have been going to Dr. Perkins for 4 or 5 years for a number of things. She has helped me in so many ways.

R Price

Dr. Perkins is what I would call “a real doctor” in her medical practice and field of study. I have seen dozens of doctors (neurologists, orthopedic, rheumatologists, etc.) over the years for a chronic neuropathic condition and a few other… Read More

C Fraser

Dr Perkins has been in business for 17+ years and established a well known practice. I and many friends have been treated by her and rave about the health benefits. The office is very professional, relaxing and clean. Something that… Read More

B Hammer

Last week I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Dr. Perkins did an extensive cupping session. I feel like it has helped pull the toxins out and helped boost my immune system. I highly recommend Dr. Perkins… Read More

El Garee Bee

Just a great specialist. With degenerative spinal problems and related issues, there is a lot of severe pain. When I couldn’t even sit or lie without discomfort I found that serious. Dr. Perkins helped relieve much of my very debilitating… Read More

T. Jasuwan

Amazing Doctor. I went from feeling tired all the time to having energy and feeling like myself again in weeks. Highly recommend her!

M Rea

Machelle is a very kind person and is able to pinpoint the exact areas to work on. The results are measurable and amazing!

B Patrick

Wonderful experience! Dr. Perkins took the time to figure out what was wrong and was able to help me when my primary could not. I haven’t felt this good in years! Highly recommend!