Brandy P

Dr. Perkins has been treating me for various challenges since April 2014. I have seen dramatic improvement in menstrual symptoms. In fact, I no longer experience cramping, bloating, acne, back ache or heavy, achy legs before or even during my cycle. Nothing short of amazing.

At Dr. Perkins’ recommendation I did the Micronutrient testing in July 2014, which revealed a B12 deficiency and the other b vitamin were at dramatically low levels. I have been struggling with symptoms of depression and fatigue for years. Within 2 days of following Dr. P’s protocol I began to feel relief. I was in disbelief and sort of questioned how well I was feeling. A month later I am astonished at the high-energy levels I have and my bright, sunny outlook on life has returned! I didn’t realize how bad it was until I started to get better. Don’t except your symptoms. See Dr. Perkins and get better! You cannot put a price tag on your well being nor can you afford to be sick.