Eric – Acupuncture Testimonial

I had been suffering chronic lower back pain for several years before I met Dr. Perkins. As any of you that have had lower back problems know, even simple things like driving can be excruciating. As I also play competitive racquetball, there were times when my pain compromised my ability to compete. A week or so prior to a major state tournament, I was going through a major flare up and thought I was going to have to withdraw. My first experience with Dr. Perkins was the morning of the tournament when I had my first acupuncture treatment. While I was hardly able to stand straight as I got to her office that first time, after the treatment, I was able to drive 3 hours away to the tournament, get out of my car with only a very slight stretch and was able to play matches in both divisions I was entered – winning one match and losing in a tie breaker in the other. Since then, acupuncture and injection treatments have given me back over 2 months a year I would normally have to take off due to my back problems.