Michael P. – Acupuncture Testimonial

Originally, I went to see Dr. Perkins about my hypoglycemia condition. I have seen numerous doctors, physicians, and specialists that pale in comparison to the amount of effort and compassion Dr. Perkins has shown me. Her relentless pursuit to find a way to help ease or cure my condition/ailment was phenomenal. Her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as well as Homeopathics were extraordinary in helping with my condition. She utilized her supplement representatives in finding specific supplements that would aid in the battle to help control my Hypoglycemia. While she was treating my Hypoglycemia, a few underlying ailments showed up that she brought to my attention that may have been overlooked by prior physicians and doctors. Hypertension and a slight bout of anxiety due to the fluctuating blood sugar from the hypoglycemia. She was able to treat all of these ailments through acupuncture, suggested supplements, diet and exercise regime. Again, my condition/ailments were a challenge and she accepted the challenge without hesitation based on my first consultation.

The office and treatment room are very relaxing with candles and soothing music in the background. That combined with a helpful staff makes for a very gentle and calming atmosphere.

With Dr. Perkins’ continued devotion to help cure my ailments, I am able to enjoy life like I used too! Dr. Perkins is a genuine caregiver that will help you and your body get back to where you are able to enjoy the little things in life.