Peggy P. – Acupuncture Testimonial

Dr. Machelle Perkins has been my health professional for the past several years. I have found her to be intelligent, knowledgable, and personable.

Dr. Perkins has treated me with acupuncture for lower back pain, arthritis in my knees, various other pains, and for a long term chronic illness that was diagnosed by several medical physicians, who claimed that it would get worse over time. Since being treated by Dr. Perkins, I feel better than ever, and have no signs of this condition. I also have no pain in my knees and only occasional discomfort in my lower back, usually from picking up my grandchildren who weigh 30 lbs. and from not exercising properly.

The supplements that Dr. Perkins prescribes for me have helped me to keep healthy and vigorous. She taught me that it is cheaper and more effective to use the specific supplements that work for the individual at any given time, than to spend money for over the counter vitamins.
I am 74 years old and take no medicine. Thank you, Dr. Perkins!