R Price

Dr. Perkins is what I would call “a real doctor” in her medical practice and field of study. I have seen dozens of doctors (neurologists, orthopedic, rheumatologists, etc.) over the years for a chronic neuropathic condition and a few other issues. She, and only one other doctor I’ve seen over the years, were truly concerned about their patients health and well being and had the skill sets to address it to resolution. She’s very knowledgable, scientific, a great diagnostician, kind and remains CURIOUS and interested about your condition and finding a solution (even after you’ve left the office). She takes a lot of time with each and every patient. Not the 10 minute hustle you find in almost every other Dr.’s office. It’s RARE to find those qualities in a doctor. It shouldn’t be, but it is. Recently I wanted to address a higher than normal cholesterol level , and PSA, which have been creeping up of the last decade. ( I wanted to use Statins/pharmaceuticals as a last resort.) With her knowledge, testing and supplement recommendations I was finally able to get my numbers in line within a fairly short time period. Thank you Dr. Perkins : ) I’ve referred a few other folks with difficult conditions that normal “MD.s” were unable /unwilling to address. She got them fixed up! She probably isn’t able to fix everything, but she will darn sure give it her best effort. Oh, and she doesn’t overbook so she’s almost always right one time!!!! Obviously, I highly recommend her services. Best of luck.