Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine that focuses on the root cause of disease. Whereas a conventional doctor normally diagnoses an illness and treats the symptoms first, naturopathic doctors prevent health conditions from occurring. Dr. Perkins passed her Naturopathic board exam in 2003, however Florida no longer recognizes a Naturopath license. Dr. Machelle Perkins has been practicing for more than 15 years.

The six vital principles a naturopathic doctor must follow when treating a patient:

1. Do No Harm

Dr. Perkins prescribes natural medicines and treatments that have low risks and little or no side-effects. Patient safety is a primary concern for Dr. Perkins.

2. Healing Power of Nature

The core belief of naturopathy is that the body has a natural power to heal itself and maintain balance. At our clinic Dr. Perkins prescribes natural remedies and treatments to help your body follow through its natural healing processes.

3. Find the Cause

A thorough discussion with Dr. Perkins about your health history is necessary for treatment diagnosis. After the Dr. Perkins finds the cause of your condition, she will work with you to correct the course of health and bring you back to a healthy state.

4. Treat the Whole Person

In a naturopathic consultation, your “whole” is treated first, which means your emotional state, physical, sociological, mental, diet factors, family history, and environment are all taken into account. Once all factors are considered, a naturopathic doctor applies any natural remedies to alleviate the problem, including herbology, acupuncture, homeopathic medicines and remedies, and dietary counseling.

5. Prevention as a Cure

Your health conditions need to be evaluated so you can prevent greater illnesses from occurring in the future. Preventing conditions now can save you money and pain later in life.

6. Doctor as Teacher

Think of Dr. Perkins as your doctor, teacher, and healthy living coach. She will provide you with one-on-one guidance toward a better lifestyle with individualized treatments.

How Naturopathy heals

Naturopathy supports the body’s healing processes with the least invasive procedures possible. Naturopathic clinics normally treat patients with herbs, joint manipulation, massage, and natural remedies that help the body heal itself. The healing process begins with a change in lifestyle and dietary habits to combat diseases, chronic pains, and promote wellness.

Unlike conventional medicine, naturopathic treatments result in little to no side-effects and do not restrain symptoms. The idea is to discover the source of a condition and better the source to end the problem.

What to expect at a naturopathic consultation

Before you discuss your health history with Dr. Perkins, you will fill out a 10-page questionnaire. Dr. Perkins will consult your lifestyle and make necessary suggestions to prevent certain health conditions with any applicable, natural treatments available at Natural MED Therapies.

Naturopathy specifically helps to treat the immune system, especially with the use of herbs, nutrition, and botanicals. Most patients eventually need a combination of supplements because nutrients such as Vitamin B and amino acids get depleted and are not efficiently restored.

Patients at Natural MED Therapies frequently get Spectracell tests. Blood is drawn and sent away for micronutrient evaluation. Results show a history of nutritional intake. Discovering what your body absorbs and what it doesn’t could be the primary reason for your health condition. After all, statistics show that 50 percent of people who take supplements are nutritionally deficient.

You may also get lab work to test for absorption of heavy metals, thyroid problems, parasites, and more.

What is a naturopathic doctor?

A naturopathic doctor obtains a bachelor’s degree and completes pre-medical courses before applying to a graduate program at a university. Dr. Perkins received her naturopathy degree from St. Luke’s University School of Medicine and she successfully passed her national boards and was licensed in Idaho and Washington D.C.. There is currently no similar certification in the State of Florida.

A naturopathic doctor studies clinical sciences, nutrition, naturopathic treatments, therapies, homeopathy, fundamental science courses, specific concentration courses, and diagnostics. Get in touch with us and schedule your naturopathic consultation today.